Sunday, March 13, 2005

honeymoon pictures!

hay, i've been so busy lately that i have no time for myself, much less blog! but rey's been wonderful so far and i'm so blessed to have him as my husband - he gets home early so he's the one who makes sure that (a) i have something to eat when i get home, (b) i drink my vitamins, (c) porkchop is fed well and taken for walks, (d) the car is running well, (e) everything at home is okay. isn't that sweet?

anyway, i was able to upload some of our honeymoon pics a few weeks back but i always forget to post the link!

the pics are posted here:

check out our pics on the elephant! i got to ride it bareback (buti na lang ayaw ni rey.)


Leslie said...

Hi Abie!
Wow! Inggit naman ako sa Elephant ride mo. Ano ba feeling?

pazette said...

nakakatawa yung malabong picture na ("of course") si rey ang kumuha! hahahaha! you and rey look so cozy together!

hope you're no longer working on weekends!

M0rN1nG & N!cE said...

Ganda ng mga honeymoon pix. Tawa ako ng tawa sa pix ni Rey with the Party List candidates.

Shempre nagutom din ako sa mga kinain nyo. =)

abieco said...

leslie: it was so much fun! but when rey and i were talking about it recently, we thought it was pretty risky. the elephant wasn't just walking in a park where there was a controlled environment. we climbed up a hill that has carabaos, dogs and other animals! our elephant also kept on swerving towards the coconut trees.

pazatte: hay, naku pazette. i'm cursed into having blurred pictures. lahat ng pics ko, malabo! wala talagang talent si rey. (ako rin, actually, when i saw the pics, i wished i was a better photographer since the pics didn't capture the beauty of koh samui. thank god for postcards!) as for working weekends, i had the last one free from work. still crossing my fingers for the coming one.

nice: di ba nakakatawa?! inis na inis siya pag kinukunan ko siya ng pic because the posters are in the middle of the road!

excited na ako sa wedding niyo!

Pia said...

hi abie! aww, na-miss ko tuloy ang thailand! inggit din ako sa elephant ride - 3 years ako there but never did get on an elephant hehehe!

mrs.S said...

abie!!! nakakainggit naman kayo ni rey. i'd looove to ride on an elephant too!!!

tin ni roLand

laine said...

nasabi na nila lahat..nice pics :) kahit na may mga malabong shots..hehe

Irvin & Faye said...

hey, abie! naku inggit naman ako. parang ang sarap nga tuloy mag asawa. someone's really taking care of you. haha!